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Journey Through Creativity

I am a self taught acrylic based painter influenced by Romanticism, Pop - Surrealism, and fantasy. I draw inspiration from the natural world and the meaningful experiences we go through that induces some of our inner most deeply embedded emotions and profound revelations. For me, this is typically through nature, music, challenging experiences and deep conversations. We contend in a world with so much adversity and we struggle  to make sense of it all; but those who truly & deeply connect with themselves, with nature, and with purpose - in the midst of suffering and hardship -  will ultimately  perceive  that this is where the path to fulfillment and higher consciousness lies. Where true beauty awaits. That it is the simplest things in life that are the most profound. That peace comes from within. My mission is to explore the incredibly visceral feelings we experience, the life altering lessons we learn,  the meaning of connection, and conceptualize them in my work. 

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